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 chatbox rules

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PostSubject: chatbox rules   Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:47 am

1. No flaming. Absolutely none. If you are caught flaming on the chatbox you will be banned for a day.

2. Respect each other. Meaning, No more insults. Period. Messing around is one thing, among friends insults fly and everyone laughs, however the moment it turns serious, and actual insults like "bitch, asshole, etc etc" will no longer be tolerated. If you are told to cease and desist by a staff member you do what your told. No questions, no arguement. You listen. You don't listen? You get banned for a day.

3. Listening to Staff Members. When a staff member tells you to do something, YOU DO IT. In the terms of service it states

Players agree to follow all administrator requests and instructions.

As such, refusal to do so will result in a kick, repeated offenses result in a ban for an undetermined amount of time, usually 2-6 hours. More offenses can result in a longer ban.

4. OOC and IC. Know the difference. OOC-Out of Character. Meaning arguments about who would beat who in a fight are pointless. None of that. IC- in character. ALL chatbox conversations are OOC. Keep that in mind. In other words, no Meta-Gaming. Rp Discussion is allowed in the chat, but using that knowledge is unfair and not cool

5.No more cries of "Abuse" It is the most commonly mis-used word by members. If you think a staff member has abused their power you MUST make a FORMAL complaint to an Administrator. The template for that is as follows.

Formal Complaint to (whichever administrator)
Name:(your name)
Complaint Against This Staff Member:(staff member you feel has abused their power)
Reason:(valid reason)
Proof:(without it your claim is invalid even with witnesses)

6. When a large scale chatbox fight occurs, Administrators reserve the right to kick everyone from the chatbox. When this happnes you are to return to the chatbox (if you wish) with no intention of continuing the arguement. This is a last resort, but if it happens and you start up the argument again a 1 day ban will be emplaced.

7. If you are going to post a picture in the chatbox please use spoilers, that way everyone stays happy.

8.Everyone is bound to these rules when you enter the chatbox. More rules may be added depending on the need for them.
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chatbox rules
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