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 Fighting and Death rules

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PostSubject: Fighting and Death rules   Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:46 am

Fighting Rules.

No auto hitting what so ever!

No ignoring attacks that are directed at you, if you do you will be told to edit your post; if you still don’t react to the attack it will hit you.

You can’t duck out of a fight thread as random, you will have to first attempt to escape then if no one stops you, your character has escaped.

You can only do 4 actions per post, this includes moving, using any tech and attacking with a handheld weapon (ie, punching, shooing a gun, slashing with a sword). If your powers create or take form of another entirety this does not give you 8 moves, you still only get 4. (for demon’s and half breeds transforming into your devil form counts as a free move)

Death rules.

Level 1 characters can’t be killed, however do not mistake this for invincibility, a level 10 would still crush you without effort, however you will be left for dead.

You can’t kill someone who is more than 3 levels below you.

However there are areas where you can be killed regardless of level, any of the marked out race areas, if you’re not of that race you can be killed there.

If your character should die you can replace it with a character that is two levels lower of the dead one (or lower if you wish, no lower than 1), and may start with half of the number of Techniques the old character had, however all the Techniques will be level one
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Fighting and Death rules
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