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 Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Posting Rules   Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:50 am

These are you rules you are expected to follow, by registering a character you have read and agreed to them.

Make sure your account name is the same as your characters name; you can change your name under profile.

Your Avatar image must represent your character, if you have a wacky image you want to have, put it in an spoiler in your signature.

Try and post more than 200 words per-post, one liners like “David walks into the pub and sits down.” Will not be allowed, if you post a one liner you will be asked to edit the post, refusal to do so will result in the deletion of the post and a deduction of Red Orbs.

Do not spam your forum (or one you want to promote) via the cbox or PMs, use the affiliate area for that. (Rules for affiliating a forum are posting in said area)

Do. Not. Flame

Use full English, no abbreviations, Text speak is punishable by death.

If you’re character speaks in another language you can post there speech in said language HOWEVER you MUST post an English translation.

Do not double post, regardless of how much time has passed.

Always post in 3rd person. (ie: 'David walks into a room, looking around carefully'. Not 'I walk into the room and look around.')

All speech must be in bold, all thoughts in italic.

No smiles or emotions in roll play posts, this includes stuff like ^_^, ><, -_-, =P and so on.

Do not ignore someone in the same thread as you just because you don’t like what they are doing or don’t like them as a person.

Keep to one thread at a time, your character can’t be in mutable places at once, the only exceptions are to the free areas.

No Auto hitting, every move/attack you make your opponent has a chance to dodge or block, any other form of god moding is forbidden, this also includes stuff like knowing what another is planning/thinking when you have not been involved with them, NPC Spies do not count and are a form of GMing.

Others can freely kill you if they see fit, however all deaths will be looked over by an admin, if given the ok that character is dead.

No drama, this includes putting up posts asking if we think you should leave.

All characters must be able to defend themselves in some way.

If you delete your character in a fit there will be no bringing it back, you’re free to make a new one but your old once is dead the moment it was deleted. No skipping will be allowed for this new char as well, if you where level 10 with 20 odd skills you will still have to start from level 1.

Do not bump your app post just because it’s no longer the first or 5th post, only bump anything if It’s fallen from the first page.

Do not pester the Mods and Admins with PM's to approve your stuff, PM's will be ignored and will just take us longer to get around to you, the same is also said for asking repeatedly in the chat box.


Faller to adhere to these rules will result in a warning (or an outright ban depending on what rule was broken) if you still continue to brake these rules you will gain a 3 day ban (on all accounts if you have more than one) if you still continue to disregard the rules you will be given another 3 day ban, you will not get another 3 day ban after this, the next one will be permanent.

If you manage to get on during your ban do not get on a beg for your bad to be lifted, or if it’s about to end do not ask for it to be lifted early, the forum knows when your ban is up and will unban you itself.

Also depending on your actions other punishments may vary, removal of all your Orbs, being moved down a level or blocking your PM’s
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Posting Rules
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