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 a lost boy

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PostSubject: a lost boy   Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:15 pm

a boy wakes up in the middle of the room.
boy:where am i who am i
the boy looks at his hand
boy:im flare
flare gets up and looks for a way out.a pack of prides finds him.
flare:what are you why are you here
they get closer and closer and flare begins to get afraid.he closes his eyes
flare:GET AWAY
he ears a two gunshots and opens his crying eyes.he sees twin demon guns in his hands.they glow blue and the way he thinks begins to change.
flare:i could get use to this
the guns disappears.but flare isn't surprised
flare: now time for me to look for a way out of here
he walks around the room a bit but then touchs the mirror.and sees that it wraps when he touchs it
flare:what do i have to lose
flare jumps into the mirror
palm old looking women demon:who dare's to enter this relam without my permission
flare:i dare
women demon:you shall face the might of Illusiona
the twin guns reappear in flare's hands
flare:bring it old bat
Illusiona:you shall paid for your foolishnest
flare:sure sure whatever i got memories to find so let hurry this up
flare begins shooting at illusiona they fade right through her
flare:damm it
she grabs his neck by controlling gravity around it and pulls him to her
illusiona:all bark and no bite hehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheh
flare eyes turns red and he taps into his demon power.he begins to float in the air but illusiona still think she's throating him.flare stops pretending to be throated
flare: hey illusiona
illusiona: Suspect what
flare put his right hand flat ontop of his lefthand and shoots both guns in his hand at the same time makeing verypowerful attack.the attack directly hits illusiona.she falls to the ground and begins breaks along with the entire mirror dimension.
illusiona:you won a small bit of my respect there is a door in the space behide you plese the longer you stay the lower the chance you'll escape
flare:thanks old bat Wink i hope you go to a place you love to be
flare runs into the door leaveing the relam
illusiona: Sad that fool
the mirror world crumbles killing illusiona
next stop Infinity Nirvana

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a lost boy
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