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 Half-Breed Template

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PostSubject: Half-Breed Template   Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:06 am

Name: your characters’ first middle (if any) and last names – Do not use name’s from the game or anime – No Dantes, No Vergils, Spardas est.

Nicknames: any nick/pet/est names your character goes by.

Age(Real): self explanatory.

Age (Appearance): how old your character looks like (ie: because of their demon blood they can be 68 and look 21)

Gender: Male or Female

Occupation: What does your character do? Not everyone will be like Dante and want to go around hunting down demons (if they even relies they have demon blood)

Personality: everyone has a personality, explain your character’s as completely as possible. Any character who has a personality of only a few lines long will be disapproved [ie, personality only says. He hates devils and always wants to fight] ideal we would like to see a personality consisting of a word count 250 or better.

Appearance --
  • Description: a full written description of your character’s appearance.

    Favoured Clothing: unless your character is very poor or a drifter they will change outfit now and again, put any or all your character’s favoured/most worn outfits here.

    Height: self explanatory.

    Weight: self explanatory.

    Image: if you happen to have an image of your character if it is a large image place it in a spoiler.

Devil Trigger Appearance: What does your charter look like when they have devil trigger activated? Remember half demons still keep a somewhat humanoid appearance in their trigger form.

Noteworthy Items: list any big items (not weapons) that your character may own, eg Bikes, cars, a home, boat (not something that will really help in combat, just a bit of fun)

Background: the big one! Your character’s full history, from birth to the current point in their life. Try and cover everything even if your character can’t remember it themselves, for this we would like a word count of at least 450 words.





[b][u]Age (Appearance):[/b][/u]




[b][u]Appearance --[/b][/u]


[b]Favoured Clothing:[/b].




[b][u]Devil Trigger Appearance:[/b][/u]

[b][u]Noteworthy Items:[/b][/u]

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Half-Breed Template
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